Certain data regarding the effect of aminazine on the complex conditioned reflex activity of animals when directly injected into various divisions of the brain


Investigations were staged on cats by using the method of situational conditioned reflexes (P. S. Kupalov). Chronic canula was used to administer aminazine directly into various portions of the brain. With aminazine administered into the subcortical structures changes in the animal's behavior occurred much earlier that with the intracortical or subcutaneous injection. When aminazine is administered subcortically changes occur with lower doses than in intracortical or subcutaneous administration. With subcortical administration a number of peculiarities are observed with the animals' behavior, although as a whole there is a considerable similarity in the nature of changes occurring with various routes of aminazine administration. Experiments with direct administration of aminazine into various portions of the brain confirm the widespread opinion on high sensitivity of reticular formation to this preparation.


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