Compression and broadening of phase-conjugate pulses in photorefractive self-pumped phase conjugators


Pulse propagation and shaping are investigated in photorefractive self-pumped phase conjugators in both transmissionand reflection-grating regimes. The dispersion properties of self-pumped phase conjugators are analyzed by taking into account both the grating dispersion and the angular dispersion. The complex transfer functions are obtained by treating the crystal as a linear dispersive medium. We show that the pulse width as a result of the self-pumped phase conjugation is much wider in the reflection regime than in the transmission regime. The experimental results are consistent with the results calculated for the transmission-grating regime, indicating that this type grating is the dominant mechanism in the case of a femtosecond self-pumped phase conjugator. © 2000 Optical Society of America [S0740-3224(00)00908-5] OCIS codes: 190.5040, 190.5330, 190.5530, 320.5520.


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