A Collaborative E-authoring Tool for Knowledge Assets


The development of e-government enhances not only the publicagency relation but also inter-organizational cooperation between governmental agencies. In this context the promotion of knowledge distribution favors the application of existing techniques and approaches in Knowledge Management Systems. Especially, to exchange “knowledge in evolution” from different disciplines, one needs some groupware knowledge management tools to support knowledge worker communities via the Internet. To be effective, these tools should have visual features for several presentation issues like distributed tasks, evolution trace keeping, ontological discussion and action demonstration. In this paper, we provide an overview of our groupware tool, called Collaborative e-Authoring Tool for Knowledge Assets (CATKA) allowing to create, visualize, exploit and interchange two kinds of knowledge: declarative and procedural knowledge. We also detail the knowledge base updating technical issues for knowledge exchange process between knowledge workers to carry out an e-authoring project step by step, from the beginning to the final phase.


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