A modified TH/DS multiple access UWB system using N-ary biorthogonal PPM


A Modified high-throughput time-hopping/directsequence (TH/DS) multiple access ultra-wideband (UWB) system using N-ary biorthogonal pulse position modulation (BPPM) is proposed and analyzed. Unlike to the conventional TH/DS system using the fixed and non-overlaid TH slots, the proposed TH/DS system is able to use the whole frame period to perform TH and BPPM. The average symbol error rate (SER) of the proposed TH/DS system is calculated. Simulation results of the proposed system are provided to verify the analytical frameworks. Compared with conventional TH/DS and DS UWB systems, the proposed TH/DS system with BPPM can offer the best system performance.


3 Figures and Tables

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