[medicolegal Assessment of the Aggressor to Prevent Adverse Outcomes in Women Violence].


Violence against women is a health care problem because it is very prevalent and its consequences are serious. The number of deaths due to this problem keep being alarming. Measures to prevent this could be:--Make victims and their families know that complaint is very important.--After complaint, protect the victim and solve her situation quickly. A medicolegal assessment is needed, with a medical-psychological-and psychiatric exploration of the aggressor, to detect alcohol or substances abuse, and to know his personality profile. Risk features are emotional instability, suspicion, pride, sense of abandonment, sense of injustice about the complaint, anxiety, emotional stress or depression. These features mean risk of lethal or very serious damage. Anxiety and depression can also means homicide followed by suicide of the aggressor. An adequate and early medico-legal assessment of the possible aggressor can prevent these adverse outcomes.


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