Secure, Portable, and Customizable Video Lectures for E-learning on the Move


The production of video lectures for the mobile scenario is becoming popular, as the pervasiveness of mobile technologies is making learning independent of time and space. In such a scenario several challenges need to be addressed, and the contribution of this paper is MOLE, an architecture that produces secure, portable, and customizable video lectures for generic mobile devices. Video lectures are produced with a format that ensures play out compatibility in most mobile devices, and with a security mechanism that protects contents from un-authorized usage. Furthermore, a video lecture is organized in such a way that a learner can adapt the lesson development to his/her learning needs by locally interacting with the system, which means that people with different needs may use the same video lecture file. A prototype implementation of MOLE shows its feasibility. The production of secure, portable, and customizable video lectures may help expanding mobile learning as generic mobile devices may be used as learning tools.


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